What happens when you reward yourself with an amazing beauty glamour experience now!

When I first decided to start offering a complete glamour experience, I needed and wanted to find out what type of clients would benefit from it and why. What I found was that, naturally, there were more females interested…however there were a surprisingly good amount of males that felt they wouldn’t mind a complete change to their current look. After all, some of them could do with a complete beard overhaul according to their significant other. But, what I didn’t expect to find, was that those who would benefit the most from the “make-over” session also felt that they “didn’t deserve it”. The first thought of theirs was that it was “too expensive” to treat themselves. They felt unworthy of such an adventure. Too many of us were taught by our family of origin that we need to worry about the needs of others first or we’d be considered selfish. When dealing with your own children, perhaps. But even then, there is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself once in awhile with a special day for yourself. You’ve earned it! Stop letting the fear of other people’s judgements stop you from being yourself. It is not like this is something you would do everyday, it is meant to be a special day. Maybe a ladies or gentlemen’s night out to celebrate yourself. You don’t need a reason, do you?

I also found that most of my clients say things like they “should not be photographed” or “I’m not pretty enough”. That last one is a big one. I assure you, MOST of the people I have had the pleasure to photograph insist that they cannot take great photographs. This is untrue. You just haven’t found a professional photographer that can do the job right. That’s what you get when you ask a friend or family member to capture you with their phone or are unfamiliar with how to light a person. That’s where I come in. I will prove that EVERY TIME! Or I wasted my time in college!

What happens when you reward yourself with an amazing beauty glamour experience now? You will first be treated with a new personalized look for your hair and makeup. Holly Clark and the team over at 614 Beauty will take care of you and your new look. See some of their before and after makeup sessions! Holly has been doing an amazing job for over 22 years and specializes in bridal and special occasion hair with customized cuts and color as well. See for yourself. After all that pampering, you’ll head over to my home studio to capture the amazing new look for yourself. If not new, at least the “night out” look. I will make sure that you look your best and you can show the results to your friends and family to pass down for generations to come. Those priceless photos will remain in your family for generations to come.

Finally, don’t forget to show off your new look while you’re feeling amazing! Plan a night out with friends or family and enjoy how beautiful you feel…because you deserve it! If you don’t, maybe you could do this as a special gift for someone you know that deserves it as well. Perhaps team up for a double ladies night out. Everyone needs senior pictures and now it’s almost unheard of to take the ones they provide at the school…boring! Show off with special senior portraits that will blow the other classmates away!

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Here for the first time, I'm delighted with my beautiful portfolio.

So, I finally graduated from Columbus State and had my ceremony on May 10th 2019! Honestly, if you told me five years ago that I would be graduating from college, I would have thought you lost your mind. After all, I never went through life thinking it was within me to do so. My self esteem was not in the right place…ever. Walking across that stage was one of the best feelings ever, as you can see below

I think for me, the best part of this entire school journey was seeing the development in my photography and business skills. My portfolio was never this great. I have pushed myself outside my comfort zone, especially when dealing with others; particularly strangers. These people became my clients and I began to crave working with others to create our vision. Most complaints I hear about other photographers, from my clients, is their inability to work with and listen to you. I personally have no ego when it comes to my work. For me, unless it is a personal project that I am paying for, it is all about the client. I always ask how the client feels about the direction the session is going. What is their vision of how they want others to see them! Another big complaint I get: “Other photographers do not want to work with men, only women.” This is the reason I advertise myself as specializing in male portraits. Granted, most photographers are men and they can only “see beauty” in shooting females, but come on. Men spend just as much time, if not more, working out in the gym. And don’t tell me they aren’t posting selfies or mirror shots of them flexing at the gym mirror! But, men get left out. That’s where I step in.

For me the best achievement, besides graduating Cum Laude, was for my final class on portfolio building. We only had one actual new photograph assignment. We needed to photograph something that would round out, add to, or expand what I have already created. I really struggled to find another client to photograph that “fit” within my portfolio so far. Up until this time I had really focused on model clients looking to expand their portfolio as well as mine. But then I had a paying client that wanted some photos “just because”. What better reason to do so. Now, I had no intention for any of this session to become part of my professional portfolio, it just wasn’t planned that way. I would LOVE to say that I am a genius and everything was planned perfectly. That is not really my style. See, I get to know my client before the session, but I really learn about them as I capture the images. That is when their personality comes out, usually towards the end.

So, my client Kurt has the best, wonderfully put together fashion sense. I can hardly believe there was a time when he wasn’t a stand out kind of dresser. I thought he would make an excellent subject, and he did not disappoint. We captured several outfits before pulling out a faux full-length black mink coat! Because of his unique sense of style and look, I thought I would try an “old Hollywood, film noir” inspired image. Using a focused beam of light on his face, we started to experiment with this lighting, which was new for me, but I have always loved the look. Here is the original image that I took and loved it so much, I added it into my final portfolio for class.



My assignment was to show our final portfolio to the class including this image as my “new shoot”. I was nervous since this photo didn’t really fit with my previous work of buff, shirtless guys. Mr. Dubanowich said, “There is only one thing missing in this photo.” I was so nervous that he didn’t like it or that it didn’t show my consistent work. He said, “It is missing the word “TIME” at the top”. WHAT?! He said that he believed this to be the work of a photograph that could be the cover of the magazine. I almost teared up. That was such a wonderful compliment.

TIME Magazine Cover Reichert.jpg

So, for the fun of it…I did!

Needless to say, this is not official and I do not work for, nor claim to work for Time Magazine.

It was in that moment that believed in my skills and talent for seeing beauty in EVERYONE, whether they think so or not. As i state in my bio, I believe everyone deserves the right to be photographed and to look their best when doing so! When you’re ready to get your personal session done, come see me!

My First Attempt at Street Photography

Ok. So, I decided today, since my class let us go 15 minutes after getting there (ugh), I was going to try street photography! What you should know ahead of time is that I am pretty shy. If you know me then you’re probably thinking that I must be crazy. That’s only cause I’m comfortable around you. Or you’re crazy and we both seem ok! But, on my own, going out into the busy Short North area… did I mention alone? I have always had an issue with being the “conversation starter” when I meet new people. I have always been shy, always worried about what the other person is saying behind my back when I leave, or worse yet… what are they thinking about me while I’m standing there? Do they notice my imperfections? Do I not speak fluently enough for them? The list goes on. But I realize that’s all on me. I put my own insecurities onto others. Side note: Coincidence that I do this after watching and listening to Brene Brown’s many conversations about shame and vulnerability? She is FANTASTIC, by the way. Check her out here. I Digress.

There I was, parking my car at Goodale Park. Seemed like a good safe place to start. Unfortunately, there was hardly anyone there. Crazy, since it was 80 degrees out! So I decided on “daring greatly” straight onto High Street. I first kept to myself. Part of me did not recognize how much the short north has changed in just a few short years! it has become almost unrecognizable; lost. But, that’s another story. It was almost a 7 block round trip before I gather the balls to start talking to complete strangers. I met this first couple that made it real easy, before I could spit out any words, they posed and said “Here, take our picture!” Well, that’s what I’m here to do, so I did.

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple

Well, that was easy. I gave them my card and they were really pleasant. You could tell they enjoyed each other and life in general. Confidence building up, I moved on down the road until I came across this lady. I knew she was “following” cause I joked with her a block or two back. I think she was trying to ask for money without being obvious, but she was really pleasant. But then she saw the camera. Something about seeing a camera makes everyone wanna jump in there. This was becoming easier than I thought! Naturally, with her wonderful personality that everyone else on High Street ignored, she wanted her picture taken! As you can see, SHE was not shy!

Take my picture, I know how to pose!

Take my picture, I know how to pose!

Finally, before it started getting dark and I’d have to end, I was nearing my block to turn and I saw a woman who seemed a little embarrassed wearing a birthday cone on her head, because she took it off quickly and I noticed. Considering my birthday would be tomorrow (May 3rd and I accept cash or your business) I decided to ask who’s birthday it was. Turned out to be her daughter’s birthday today. I told her that was great and mine was tomorrow, so how about in celebration I take your picture for you? She had just turned 18! Boy, to remember being that young again! Well, young lady…….HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY!

Happy 18th Birthday Girl!

Happy 18th Birthday Girl!

So I learned a valuable lesson today. My own fear was holding me back. Now, I didn’t stay there long or talk to MANY people, but I tried. The best part, is that I can’t wait to do it again. After all, how else will I get the word out there about my business if I don’t put myself out there?

Nearing the End of My College Education.

                   Well guys, exactly 3 weeks from today, I will have graduated from Columbus State Community College (assuming my science course does not kill me first). This has been an emotional rollercoaster for me. For those that don’t know, I started college at age 46. It was late in my life before I decided that I wanted to pursue my passion for photographing people. By the time I graduate on May 10th, exactly one week after my birthday, I will be 49. My only regret is that I did not start way sooner, not by months, but YEARS!

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Operation: Monarch

          When I decided to start a blog I had no idea what I would blog about on a regular basis, other than photography related subjects. So, I know I'm a day late on my "weekly" blog. Let the flogging begin. I believe it was for a reason. I was privileged to be able to attend an artists reception event last night called "Operation: Monarch" at the Cultural Arts Center in Columbus. 

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My First Blog | by Robert Bazzle

When I decided to get into photography as a business, I never thought about being a “writer”. So when I learned in my education that a blog is a great tool for my business and website to connect with my viewers, I resisted the idea. All the doubts rolled in: “Who cares what I have to say?”, “Am I interesting enough that people want to read my work?”, and the list goes on. I did begin to see the benefits. The fact is, despite my 18 years of experience in a customer service retail setting, I really enjoy interacting with people. Finding what to talk about here was a long researched topic for me. Obviously these would be photography related. So, here goes my first attempt at a blog and we’ll start with ME!

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