My First Blog | by Robert Bazzle

When I decided to get into photography as a business, I never thought about being a “writer”. So when I learned in my education that a blog is a great tool for my business and website to connect with my viewers, I resisted the idea. All the doubts rolled in: “Who cares what I have to say?”, “Am I interesting enough that people want to read my work?”, and the list goes on. I did begin to see the benefits. The fact is, despite my 18 years of experience in a customer service retail setting, I really enjoy interacting with people. Finding what to talk about here was a long researched topic for me. Obviously these would be photography related. So, here goes my first attempt at a blog and we’ll start with ME!

I have always been behind the camera, hardly in front. Someone suggested that I should start a photography business and “make that bank” from it. This seemed like a great idea. So, in 2014…I did just that. I did all the right things: register with the government as a business, website and domain name, etc.. I photographed my friend’s weddings for her daughters. ALL 3 OF THEM! WHEW. What a challenge. I knew I liked showing the details that others over looked. Capturing the candid, unscripted moments of my subject is what I LOVED. But, I needed an edited “look” to my photos. A “personal touch of art” if you will. I started following Aaron Nace on YouTube with his wonderful free Photoshop tutorials. His easy-to-understand guidance took my work to a whole new level. I thank him greatly. He also has wonderful instructional courses to purchase as well. The one I use the most is editing the eyes! By far the most helpful in my retouching is his “Ultimate Guide to Retouching” Pro tutorial. You can see the results in my work. Great stuff! The biggest problem: no tech experience with taking my photography itself above a snapshot that anyone else could take with ANY camera or phone. So, at age 46, I decided to follow my passion and head to college! I did see a huge improvement over the quality of my work. Now, having the technical skills as my weapon, I created more artistic images than ever before. Only one thing was missing: I needed a niche. A more focused vision of my artistic style and the subjects I’d focus on.

This was my inspiration….


When I knew what I wanted to do!

Even before honing my skills at school, I slowly started to find my vision. Another one of my inspirations was Jeff Rojas. I first saw him on an interview for Adorama TV. Here, he talks about focusing on male subjects because he saw a gap in professionals that specialized in that genre. So then I had seen him on Creative LIve (another great place for learning and inspiration), and his helpful YouTube channel. I loved his moody creations with his male subjects. So, with his inspiration and my accidental creation above, I knew where I wanted to focus… Male Portraits. That’s not to say I do not create female portraits! They DO have a wider range of outfits, makeup, and hair options. They’re creativity is endless. But, we’ve seen that before and for a lot longer. I also felt it was time that males became a focus.

I really enjoy capturing the person I photograph for who THEY are, not for who I want them to be. My creativity, that can be seen in my work, can be applied to ANYONE that hires me. Below is my latest creation. In fact, my professor who teaches my portfolio building class and runs his commercial Photography business, is quoted as saying, “The only thing missing in this photograph is the word ‘TIME’ at the top. This is nice editorial creation.”! That is a huge compliment.


Kurt “Magazine Cover”

Kurt goes to my local church and hired me to photograph him. He informed me that he “does not photography well”. I explained to him that I believe EVERYONE can make great photographs. The proof is here.

So, if there is one takeaway from my first LONG blog, it would be that YOU too can have an amazing photo creation regardless of what you might think. That is why I use the tag line… “Everyone deserves to be shot!”