What happens when you reward yourself with an amazing beauty glamour experience now!

When I first decided to start offering a complete glamour experience, I needed and wanted to find out what type of clients would benefit from it and why. What I found was that, naturally, there were more females interested…however there were a surprisingly good amount of males that felt they wouldn’t mind a complete change to their current look. After all, some of them could do with a complete beard overhaul according to their significant other. But, what I didn’t expect to find, was that those who would benefit the most from the “make-over” session also felt that they “didn’t deserve it”. The first thought of theirs was that it was “too expensive” to treat themselves. They felt unworthy of such an adventure. Too many of us were taught by our family of origin that we need to worry about the needs of others first or we’d be considered selfish. When dealing with your own children, perhaps. But even then, there is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself once in awhile with a special day for yourself. You’ve earned it! Stop letting the fear of other people’s judgements stop you from being yourself. It is not like this is something you would do everyday, it is meant to be a special day. Maybe a ladies or gentlemen’s night out to celebrate yourself. You don’t need a reason, do you?

I also found that most of my clients say things like they “should not be photographed” or “I’m not pretty enough”. That last one is a big one. I assure you, MOST of the people I have had the pleasure to photograph insist that they cannot take great photographs. This is untrue. You just haven’t found a professional photographer that can do the job right. That’s what you get when you ask a friend or family member to capture you with their phone or are unfamiliar with how to light a person. That’s where I come in. I will prove that EVERY TIME! Or I wasted my time in college!

What happens when you reward yourself with an amazing beauty glamour experience now? You will first be treated with a new personalized look for your hair and makeup. Holly Clark and the team over at 614 Beauty will take care of you and your new look. See some of their before and after makeup sessions! Holly has been doing an amazing job for over 22 years and specializes in bridal and special occasion hair with customized cuts and color as well. See for yourself. After all that pampering, you’ll head over to my home studio to capture the amazing new look for yourself. If not new, at least the “night out” look. I will make sure that you look your best and you can show the results to your friends and family to pass down for generations to come. Those priceless photos will remain in your family for generations to come.

Finally, don’t forget to show off your new look while you’re feeling amazing! Plan a night out with friends or family and enjoy how beautiful you feel…because you deserve it! If you don’t, maybe you could do this as a special gift for someone you know that deserves it as well. Perhaps team up for a double ladies night out. Everyone needs senior pictures and now it’s almost unheard of to take the ones they provide at the school…boring! Show off with special senior portraits that will blow the other classmates away!

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