Question 1

“How much do you charge?”

Answer: My service costs are based on my technical expertise for which I earned a degree in Digital Photography. This question also assumes there is a blanket charge for everything. Not true. For my portrait sessions they start at $175 on the wall and my folio collections start at $600 and they go up from there. Weddings start at $1700. Corporate or model headshots are $300 for 3 edited images. High School sessions start at $150 plus your individual product needs. Other services and costs available upon request.

Question 2

“What if I just want the digital Files?”

Answer: The cost is in my time and expertise. Your choice of images comes with the digital files, so you might as well get the prints as well. You get all the images you purchased on a flash drive at the size you chose so you can post them on social media and print them out and give them as gifts. They’re yours.

Question 3

“Why do you charge more than so-and-so?

Answer: I am a professional photographer that runs an actual business registered with the government and pays taxes. With this business, like any other, there are costs to doing business. Everything including the gear, degree, taxes, full insurance coverage, etc. all costs money. Others may only be doing this as a hobby and may not produce the same results. I also do not print at home with cheap ink and paper, or heaven forbid, print at Walmart. I work with a professional printing lab to ensure you get archival prints at the highest quality exactly as I produced them. I take personal care to ensure you have a personal experience that is centered around you and how you want to be seen. You job is to show up with no experience necessary and mine is to make you look beautiful. My work is all personally edited by me to ensure the highest quality image possible. Anyone with a camera can point, shoot, and burn…but you would not pay them for your special day.

“ Can you photograph me? I don’t think I’m very photogenic”

Answer: The most common misconception is that you need to be “a model” to get your photos taken. Absolutely false! If you have had bad photos in the past, you just had a bad photographer. I believe it is my job to get to know you so that you shine during your session so I can capture the real you, not who I want you to be. It is all about you. I also recommend getting your hair and makeup professionally done that day. It help build your confidence. I will guide you so that you look your best. I want you to be able to pass these photos down to your family and they deserve have a wonderful reminder of your beauty.

Question 4